How to change your UPVC lock

How to change your UPVC lock

Normally speaking when changing a lock on a UPVC door we are only talking about the cylinder that resides within the handle.

upvc euro cylinder 1

Should you need to remove the cylinder you will either need a working key or be able to pick it open (hire a locksmith). We have put together a 'How to change a euro cylinder' video should you wish to do so.

To further understand the upvc doors which are found on houses all over the world we will go one step further. The main locking mechanism which runs down the whole length of the door, also called a 'strip lock' or a 'multi point lock' has a habit of breaking on occasion or at least will need servicing.

_________________________upvc euro cylinder 1

Causes for the strip lock to fail:-

• The door has dropped on its hinges, and the locking hooks, bolt and/or sliders (on the strip lock side) no longer go easily into the keeps (on the frame side).

• Users force the door locked by lifting the door handles with MORE and MORE force so that the unaligned hooks go into the' keeps' (you are literally lifting the door into the keeps!!).

• The resulting damage to the strip lock is that the 'gear box' parts will break/fail. The most common one is the 'square' cam which is driven by the spindle (from the handles you are forcing) ends up cracking.

How to diagnose common problems and faults with upvc locks and frames.

• Misaligned keeps on the frame?
_____• Abrasive marks found on parts of the keeps on the frame side.
_____• Hard to get the door to lock using the key and you have to lift the handles 'hard' in an upwards direction _____(you are literally lifting the door into the keeps!!)

• Solutions.
_____• Marked' keeps can be normally re-adjusted using an allen key. If they can not be fine adjusted you _____could move and refit the keep (or hand file the keep and increase the aperture).
_____• If you are unsure which keep needs adjusting remove them all. Then replace one at a time and test the _____door for correct operation after each one is put back on.

_________________________upvc euro cylinder 1

• Broken Strip lock
_____• No matter how hard you lift the handles the door can still NOT be locked with the key, even when the ______door is in the open position.

_____• Broken strip locks are not normally worth servicing therefore we recommend the strip lock is removed, ______measured correctly and then replaced. We will now tell you to do this successfully.

How to replace your multi-point strip lock on a upvc door.

1. Ensure door is open.

2. Remove euro cylinder, click here, to see how to change a euro cylinder.

_______________________________upvc euro cylinder 1

3.Remove UPVC handles, normally 2 x long screw headed are found on the inside of
the door handles.

_______________________________upvc euro cylinder 1

4.Remove spindle

5. Remove all fixing screws that run down the length of the door (if the screw is only 5mm to 10mm long replace back into the strip as this is NOT a fixing screw).

__________________________________upvc euro cylinder 1

6. Carefully remove the complete strip (which includes the gear boxes which are attached to it) from the door.

7. Now use the following document to take the IMPORTANT measurements off the strip lock.

click here to download out UPVC lock identification help form. The technical team on 0121 459 8722 are happy to help you with any queries you may have.