Lock snapping on the BBC Crimewatch roadshow 2014

Take a look at this segment on the BBC's crimewatch program highlight the problem with break-ins through the snapping method.

CLICK HERE to View the snap safe cylinder range here to prevent this type of forced entry on your home or business.

HMO - House Of Multiple Occupancy

HMO - House Of Multiple Occupancy

Houses in Multiple Occupation. Your home is a House in Multiple Occupation ( HMO ) if both of the following apply: at least 3 tenants live there, forming more than 1 household. you share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities with other tenants.

We get asked about this daily, so here is some information from http://www.nihe.gov.uk/hmo_fire_safety_guide.pdf

''Where the use of Easy Opening Devices (E.O.D.) are deemed necessary see section 4.4, door handles should be chosen so that they give security but do not allow tenants to be locked out of their lettings by the action of the self closers. For this reason, the best design is a simple mortice lock and door handles which require a key to lock the door, but the inside has a thumb turn instead of a key (thumb turns may not be suitable if the occupant suffers from arthritis in the hands or has other hand movement restriction, alternative EOD should be provided). This means that the occupant can escape from the room in an emergency without relying on a key. A rim lock with a roller-ball is also acceptable.
48All final exit doors should also have this type of lock or a simple latch lock which allows exit
without using a key in the event of an emergency. Care must be taken when installing
security locks to final exit doors, so that this requirement is not overridden''

Here at the lock and key shop we specialise in supplying HMO regulated properties with the correct locks and ironmongery. A simple set-up for a bedroom door can be found here. For more information please call us on 0121 4334181 or email info@lockandkeyshop.co.uk

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Google +

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5th Jan 2015 -  YouTube

5th Jan 2015 - YouTube

Happy New Year to all our visitors and customer, we hope you had a great holiday and a well earned break.

Over the next few months we will be creating alot of new technical help videos and product information videos on our YouTube channel .....If you can't find a video that you think we should do please drop us an email, we love to hear from you!

1st November 2014 - Open Day

Saturday 1st Novermber 2014

Everybody likes a BBQ !, Saturday 1st November the Lock and Key Shop will be having our annual open day, you will find product demos, special discounted prices as well as a bouncy castle, BBQ and music provided by local Jazz band Tempting Rosie.


Geek time ! 5th October 2014

Geek time ! 5th October 2014

Today we had the pleasure of cutting some special keys to this little gem….an original Chubb padlock that was produced for Cadbury World in 1955, and is still used today at Cadbury World. Lovely !

21st November

21st November

The MLA address issue of lock snapping after ITV program.

Our friends over at the MLA have addressed some importand issues raised in a recent ITV program, you can read the report here.

14th November 2013


For more information please visit the Touchclone home page.

21st October 2013

21st October 2013

1st Call Lockouts (lockandkeyshop.co.uk) - MLA

1st Call Lockouts are now an approved company member of the Master Locksmith Association LIC No 003550.

''With the absence of government licensing of locksmiths, The Master Locksmiths Association, a not for profit organisation established to promote the level of skills and ethics within the industry, has established its own licensing scheme whereby its approved companies are vetted, undergo regular inspections to ensure quality, and employ a locksmith with an exam based qualification. ''

You can find more about the MLA here...

NEW Touchclone Roadshow 2012  - Learn from the manufacturers

NEW Touchclone Roadshow 2012 - Learn from the manufacturers

Touchclone engineers are now taking the training on the road.

Locksmiths and 'wannabe' autolocksmiths can attend these FREE seminars learning how to clone a variety of car keys along with an indepth view on creating a key from the cars immobiliser box.

Birmingham 10th and 11th December

London 13th and 14th December

Click here for tour dates and locations.

NEW  EPS Evva Security - Olympic Success 2012

NEW EPS Evva Security - Olympic Success 2012

1st Call Lockouts are proud of the HUGE efforts & results of the GB Team Olympic results in 2012.
Customers through the door here in Birmingham have talked of the incredible 'feel good factor' that they have from the past 9 days watching the British athletes (especially with the fantastic results over the weekend).

Well done Great Britain, well done Team GB.

NEW  Touchclone - June 2012

NEW Touchclone - June 2012

1st Call Lockouts are proud to announce the launch of Touchclone™

Touchclone™ is the latest in technology for cloning car keys and enabling transponders to be produced via communication with a cars immobiliser.

Touchclone™ has an extremely intuitive interface which allows the user to clone keys quickly and easily, which would otherwise be a complex process. With free updates for 12 months and advanced product features Touchclone™ allows the user to lead the field in automotive key production.

Visit the Touchclone™ page here.......

Nottingham Locksmith Exhibition 2012

Don't forget we will be picking all types of locks, and demonstrating the latest locksmith tools ...... visit us on the 3rd and 4th of March at The Nottingham Locksmith Exhibition - come and chat to Jason and Rich who are doing all the demos on the weekend and will be happy to answer any questions

Locksmith Exhibition 2012 website.

30th September 2011 - NEW baby on the way :)

Claire '1st Calls' marketing manager is 'any minute soon' about to have her very first baby !!!!
Everyone at 1st Call wishes her the utmost best and cant wait to see the new addition to the clan.

5th August 2011 - NEW - MLA Exhibition

1st call Lockouts ltd will be exhibiting at the MLA Expo which runs from the 9th - 11th September 2011. We are proud to be known as trading locksmiths and mechanical/electronic engineers who have taken innovation and quality workmanship to manufacture a range of locksmith tools for both commercial and automotive markets. In conjunction we offer technical distribution support for an impressive line-up of market leaders, such as ‘Silca’ and ‘Instacode’.

For the past five years 1st Call Lockouts have supported lock-picking tool sales through Aldridges, and now at this Septembers MLA exhibition are due to launch an exciting range of automotive test equipment. For more info on the exhibition click here: MLA Exhibition

8th June 2011 - NEW - Draft Qualification Structure for Locksmiths

1st Call Lockouts are currently working with Skills For Security on a national qualification structure for locksmiths.

A draft qualification structure has been developed and is now being consulted across the locksmiths sector to ensure that the final version is fit for purpose and meets the needs and expectations of practitioners across the sector.

Your views are important to us and the closing date for your comments is Friday 24th June 2011.

Please follow this link for further iinformation on the proposal Draft Qualification Information.

13th April 2011 - NEW - BRMB and Joe Egan

13th April 2011 - NEW - BRMB and Joe Egan

What a day, 1st Call Lockouts are visited by BRMB the Midlands largest radio station. We are supporting their 'Bromance' campaign. All the best to Sparky (the presenter), and the team also enjoyed meeting Joe Egan (Tysons sparring partner). What a strange day.

18th March 2011 - NEW - Comic Relief

On Friday 18th March 2011 1st Call Lockouts arranged a charity car wash in aid of Comic Relief. The morning was a great success with £200 raised. We would like to say a big 'THANK YOU!!' to everyone who helped and donated to this fantastic cause.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa1st Call Lockouts Comic Relief

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaClick here to view more photos

24th February 2011 - NEW - Locksmith Exhibition

We will be exhibiting on the Aldridge standard at the UAP Locksmith exhibition on the 5th & 6th March 2011. We will be demonstrating the multi-gauge pick (BS mortice lock picking etc) so why not come along, have a go and have a chat?
We are also holding a picking competition! The fastest person to pick 3 x BS locks (over the 2 days) will win a multi-gauge curtain pick (valued at £200). As well as this exciting competition, anyone who signs up to enter the competition will receive one of our fantastic '1st Call Lockouts' flasks.

Click here for more information on the show

We look forward to seeing you there!

19th February 2011 - NEW - Accureaders are in UK

19th February 2011 - NEW - Accureaders are in UK

1st Call Lockouts AKA lock and key shop are now the sole UK distributors for the NEW Accureaders. These are truly a locksmiths friend. Please read below:-

With Motorcycle AccuReaders you can:-

• Read from any lock, including the ignition.
• Generate a set of working keys using the space and depth keys (included in kit).

• Have you ever had to originate a motorcycle key by removing the gas cap and disassembling the lock... only to find out the ignition had been changed? What a huge waste of time!
Even if the motorcycle has different keys for the ignition, gas cap, and helmet lock.

• AccuReaders will let you make a key for each lock in minutes, and with no disassembly!
and more....

For more information technical information please call the helpline on 0121 459 8722. Alternatively the products are now availble from our online store

6th January 2011 - NEW Pick guns

Pick locks in the dark

1st Call Lockouts have now launched the 'pistol grip' electric pick gun for locksmiths. The pick gun uses the latest Nickel Cadmium rechargeable batteries (with a UK charger supplied). Plus the pick gun has a bright white LED incorporated into the head of the gun which is ideal for those late night call outs and you don't have a spare hand for the torch !!
The price of the pick gun is £80 + VAT however NNAL member will benefit from the membership discount and will be able to buy the pick gun at £69.99 + VAT.

1st Call Lockouts Night Pick Gun

The kit includes:-
• 1 x electric pick gun (including LED light)
• 1 x UK mains charger
• 1 x tension wrench
• 1 x selection of pick blades

Please call Claire or John on 0121 459 8722 to order your today.

4th January 2010 - Happy New Year

Happy New year,

We are all getting back into work mode for the new year. Everyone's feeling refreshed and suitably full from our Christmas holidays and ready to get stuck into 2011.

16th December 2010 - NEW Picking the Chubb 110 with the Multi-Gauge

1st Call Lockouts have now launched their new tip sheet for picking the much feared chubb 3G110 (both old and new lever packs) using the Multi Gauge Curtain Pick , written by one of the UKs best pickers 'Jason Hillier'.

• The Multi Gauge Curtain Pick is available for purchase for registered locksmiths.

If you are a member of the NNAL or own a curtain pick please email today for the up to date chubb 3G110 picking tip sheet.!


14th December 2010 - NEW Picking the Eclipse lock

Jasons Picking Blog - the Eclipse lock

'' At last, finally got my hands on the new Eclipse lock, 20mm bolt throw, grey in colour. Had a play picking it with the Multi Gauge Curtain Pick, happy to say I had it open in under 2 minutes. Slightly dissapointed with the security of the lock; was expecting more in the new locks, things seem to be going a little backwards with the level of security these days! ''

Speak soon, Jason.

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